Why hire a beach hut ?

Hire a Beach Hut For Some Old Time British Seaside Charm

Beach huts are an integral part of seaside resort history in the UK. Dotted along the sea front, for most of us it is difficult to think about a trip to the seaside where beach huts haven't been a part of the landscape. Bournemouth built the UK's first municipal beach huts in 1909 [1] and now there are around 20,000 beach huts located on beaches across the UK providing an important cultural detail of the traditional British seaside resort. Thinking of hiring a beach hut for the first time? Here's everything you need to know about the great British institution that is the beach hut:

What Do You Need a Beach Hut For?

People who have never hired a beach hut often question what, exactly, you use a beach hut for. The possibilities for this answer are almost endless. A beach hut provides a wonderful place to rest and relax, as well as escape from the elements (be that the wind and rain or the blazing sun) whilst you're on your seaside holiday. You are unable to spend the night in your beach hut, in fact, most councils request that all beach huts are vacated by 10.30 pm each evening [2] and most huts also don't have toilets, however most have a tap and a kettle, meaning you can ensure you always have access to that other great British institution: a nice cup of tea! The beach hut elongates the beach season for its users, as you can shelter in your hut during the rain and cold and enjoy a bowl of hot soup whilst children enjoy the beach in their coats or take to the water wearing their wetsuits. Beach huts also have a great community feel; you'll get to know the people in neighbouring huts and children quickly buddy up to play together. There is so much more to a beach hut than simply a building on the beach: a beach hut is a lifestyle that is highly desirable. When 52 new beach huts were built in Bournemouth over 400 people registered their interest in buying one. [3] Once you've enjoyed a beach break with access to your own beach hut, you certainly won't ever want to holiday without one again.

Sometimes there can be confusion over whether or not you have to buy a beach hut or whether you can simply hire. The fact is, you can do both - so if buying outright is simply not an option, hiring might be better for you. This of course, negates the possibility of paying a larger upfront fee and can, over time, make it more accessible for a wider part of the population.

Of course, the other point to consider is, if you already own a beach hut - making some extra revenue by hiring it out yourself, to other holidaymakers, when you're not using it. It can be away of getting yourself some extra spare cash and can also again help people for whom owning outright simply isn't a financial option.

Why Holiday in the UK?

Britain is a beautiful country and a wonderful place for a holiday that, in recent years, has been overlooked by the people that live here. Since the onset of the recession though, there has been a massive increase in the number of British tourists choosing to either take their holidays at home or enjoy day trips rather than take an annual holiday abroad. Day-trip spending made up 44% of all tourism expenditure in the UK for 2013 [4] and UK resident expenditure abroad has fallen significantly. Taking your holiday in the UK is a great way to both save financially when you're on a tight budget and staycations are a great way to go your bit for the environment when you're on a budget too. [5]Taking just one return flight from London to New York, USA, produces a greater carbon footprint than your whole year's personal allowance (the amount each person can use and still keep the planet safe) [6] Driving to your favourite seaside resort, particularly if there are several of you in the car, is much kinder to the environment and if you choose to take a coach or take the train you will be able to make a significant environmental saving again.

Why not choose to visit one of Britain's many beautifully picturesque seaside resorts for your family holiday this summer, and hire a brightly coloured beach hut for you all to enjoy? It's an experience that you'll never forget and will certainly want to repeat year after year.


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Written and Contributed by Emma Foote