Beach huts for sale in Whitstable, Kent


Whitstable, Kent

The Hut is to be found on the back row of 4 in Tankerton just a few metres from the steps down from the road. It has a larger deck, stove, internal shelves which are used for BBQs, cushions, chairs etc. The hut being on the back row allows for lots of privacy and quiet on a beach that can be very busy on hot sunny days in summer.

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Nearest Car Park (metres):
free parking 100m above
Nearest Toilets (metres):
next to the road 100m above the beach hut

There’s a gas stove in there that will remain along with lots of storage for kitchen amenities. A long with that above the doors is further overhead storage and underneath the decking is even more storage big enough for kayaks and paddle boards.

The beach hut 144 on Tankerton West. It’s on the back from a few metres from the steps down from the road where you park for free. At the top of the steps is also an ice cream shop and toilets.

The disabled access of the hut unfortunately had to be removed however there should be no problem for anyone else.

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